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In these difficult economic times, we are retooling to match our clients' needs.Drew Thompson

Elusen was built on the premise that venture capital is the driving force of the 21st Century economy, and that the gains in prosperity of the last generation would be effectively shared through hundreds of new charitable endeavors emerging in the generation ahead.

But a crippled economy has dramatically slowed the consistent flow of new capital that was a constant of the 80's, the 90's and the early part of this decade as well. 

In adapting to the changing economic climate, Elusen continues to provide a wide array of services, to businesses and nonprofit organizations employing an approach that corresponds to a community foundation or SBA affiliate.  We procure the intellectual, financial and/or human capital needed to fulfill your strategic objectives.

Our work is unique.  We help build capacity within the institutional setting.   We do this through an array of services ranging from search marketing (SEO), web copy and publishing, grant writing, accounting and financial services, strategic planning, development consulting, internet services, and recruitment and staffing, to enhance our clients' ability to reach untapped and undertapped markets.

Please call or email Elusen today with an overview of your situation to begin the dialog on how we can help you best.

We are constantly creating new solutions and teaming with other providers for the challenges our clients face and will be pleased to do so for you today.


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